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Our Coffee

We drink coffee everyday and we serve coffee everyday.  It is a passion and a ritual.  We strive for freshness, quality and accuracy and foremost to make you a coffee just the way you like it.  In order to do this seemingly simple task our baristas must understand the bean, and utilise a myriad of techniques to grind, dose and extract the perfect shot.  We work closely with our roaster, selecting beans from all over the world to create something inspiring for you. 

This is your coffee story.

Jimini’s Comfort Food Café

Food trends and diet fads come and go but comfort never goes out of style. We’ve brought together the most soothing and pleasing food from around the globe. Our team of chefs have each brought the flavours of their homeland to culminate in a menu that will bring solace and cheer right to your door.

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Jiminis Offers catering for both large and small groups. For more information please phone us or send us a message using the web form on the right.

Takeaway and delivery

We also offer takeaway and delivery to surrounding suburbs. To order online click the button below.

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